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> VGA to composite YPbPr, Hooking up vga to YPbPr inputs
Posted: Feb 24 2010, 09:56 AM
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Let's get right to it.

I have a crappy computer, and a very decent RCA rear projection 52" tv (standard def) and I want to hook them together as cheaply as possible. SO, I went and ordered 2 of these and want to know if I'm gonna bake something when I hook the vga to the adapter to the TV?

I realize that I should just buy a vid card, or get a converter box, but consider that I am a cheap b*st*rd, the computer was free (I fixed it) and the TV cost me a grand total of $65 (just had the guy come out and resolder half the mother board). I have intentions of building a proper HTPC, but for now, just want to do autocad/internet on my big TV.

I did notice there is a difference between rgb and YPbPr. The adabpter says YPbPr output (and RGB?, but I have found out that vga outputs YPbPr). I just want to make sure if I try, I won't fry my tv.

It makes sense using mathmatical proof style thinking.

1. VGA contains YPbPr
2. The adapter taps off the YPbPr with the same connectors as the tv input
3. The tv has an input labled YPbPr
If I hookup 1 to 2 to 3, I should have video.

My real concern is weather or not there will be damage to anything (kind of like telling your video card to output a resolution/refresh rate that is outside of your monitor's capabilities which tends to release the magic blue smoke from one or the other).

And I'm not sure if I need the vsync/hsync in order for this to work (the adapter only outputs 3 rca;s for the YPbPr, but the tv also only has the 3 rca's for YPbPr in (for that input)).


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