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> Gviving up... Viewsonic Projector & Zbox (XBMC )
  Posted: Jan 20 2011, 01:38 PM
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HTPC using ViewSonic PJ551D Projector @ 16:9
I just can't seem to get it right.
The correct Video resolution for the projector using a PC.

PS3 & Xbox 360 Looks great. When Projector screen comes on it says 1080p.

My HTPC on the other hand is driving me crazy.
What is the ideal resolution to use for a HTPC setup for 16:9 ?
The Zbox doesn't natively support 1024 x 768, I tried to use PowerStrip app to add it. (Could someone send me their Powerstrip settings with same type of display?)
The projector has an option to go from 4:3 to 16:9 , but it loses clarity. Do I have to use this on the projector to get 16:9?
IS there a resolution from the Zbox chipset that would crop it coming out and going into the Projector?

Can someone post Viewsonic pj551D Powerstrip settings/file ?

I have used XBMC for XBOX for many years and Love it. I boots quick and just works..
Using a PC on the other hand is a roal pain in the A$$ for this noob..

Alright... I have dealt with this years ago and am now dealing with this frustration again with complete new hardware.

* 16:9 (Wide Screen) 100" Pull down screen

* ViewSonic PJ551D Projector - 1024 x 768 Native -View 12" from screen

* Zbox Zbox HD-ID11 - Windows 7 64bit , using XBMC, Windows Media Center, PowerStrip

* Sony Amp with Audio/Video support, HDMI & Component inputs.
Have all sources going IN using Component, OUT using component to Projector (VGA).

* WiFi N+ Gigabit router
* HD Homerun tunner device (Connects to network and streams channels)
* ESata external Blue-Ray Lighton drive

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