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> Xbox360, PS3 too expensive?, You gotta PAY to PLAY!
Posted: Sep 9 2006, 03:50 PM
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I hear a lot of people whining about the high price of the XBOX 360, and now with the PS3 being announced, people are all-out bawling at the pricing. The PS3 will debut in Japan on November 11th and in the USA on November 17th, with pricing as follows:

$499 - 20 GB hard drive.
$599 - 60 GB hard drive, HDMI, WiFi, Flash Memory Reader.

Common Features: Blu-ray Drives, Bluetooth Controllers

This sure seems like a lot swag for a console, but what do you expect? It's inline with the general electronics market. Everyone likes to fall back onto about the old days when consoles debuted at $200-$300, then dropped down to $200 or less within 1-2 years. That was YEARS ago. Today, the whole paradigm of home entertainment is much more expensive. For instance, a quality HDTV is well over $1000. There is no plasma TV worth owning that costs less than $2000 (and if you did cheap out you're a moron). Even with value-centric options like DLP your still looking at $1500+ for a decent quality unit. People are paying these prices for TVs, and many people pay $5K+ just for a nice HDTV. Lets not forget that the "HD experience" requires at the very minimum a 5.1 surround setup. Sure, you can buy a HT-in-a-box for $150-$200, but if you want quality you're looking at another $1500 just for speakers and an amp.

So with an increasing number of people willing to spend at least $3K to watch TV and play movies, can you really say that the XB360 or PS3 are "over priced" considering what they offer? I would say, from a business standpoint, the prices are reasonable. Guess what - you WILL need about $2-3K invested in your entertainment system alone to fully reap the benefits of ANY next gen console. If you're still playing on a CRT TV you might as well stay away from current and next gen consoles because your crappy equipment is holding them back, big time.

Now we do have Nintendo with their Wii, and yes, the Wii is much cheaper than the XBOX360 is and the PS3 will be. The thing is, an XB360 and PS3 offer quite a bit more beyond simply playing games. The game console which was originally simplistic in nature has evolved in pace with related technology, so today you have an "entertainment console" more than a game console. For some people that may be too much, but for a lot of people it's exactly what they want.

The Wii is still the simplistic game console of years gone by (relatively speaking), and there is nothing wrong with that, but the same people who praise the Wii for its simplicity and affordability while bashing the 360 and PS3 for being overpriced and bloated are more than likely the same people who are going to end up with a 360 or PS3, while their Wii sits in a closet keeping dust bunnies company.

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Posted: Sep 9 2006, 05:51 PM
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PSX the 3rd.

first off the low end PS3 has BR it even has Blue tooth the only thing that it dose not have or cant be upgraded is the HDMI,the Digital High def that has the copy right DRM in it.
I don't know a few things about the PS3

1.will the low end have Wireless pad.
2.How buggy will its hardware be.
3.when and how will Hollywood start the DRM on the new formats,will they force them not to run on non HDMI devices?

what I do know
PS3 600$ Version

Multi AV output
Multi Card port (flash,SD,ect,)
Mem stick
Wi-Fi (No wi fi no PSP connectivity)
PS3 500$ Version

Multi AV output
Mem stick

Wi-Fi (No wi fi no PSP connectivity)
Multi Card port (flash,SD,ect,)

The 360 is a mess bad launch coupled with bad hardware some say at least 1/3rd of all the systems have been returned or replaced its not a pretty sight and if you don't have board band or not a Xbx fan the system is bad....that said MS can do some things to help the 360 out but against the PS3 they might as well just roll the Xbx2 out in 3 years,also another main point about the 360 is lack of Backwards compatibility lets face it its a basic Xbox emulator,If they had put effort into the BWC I would have bought one since the Xbox has a decent library of games now but since they did not and did not put alot of effort into the hardware or the launch the system is a mess and still has yet to get its first revision.


What can I say it is simple, its a supd'up Game cube Xbox combination,the download and power and online stuff of the Xbox plus downlandable games plus the quality from Nintendo PLUS a new control setup you cant go wrong with the Wii not at the price they are asking for it

finial thoughts

MS and Sony have made monsters they are not cheap and looking at how MS handled the 360 its going t be a buggy ride..if you don't want to wait for a price drop do your self a favor and get a warranty its never a pretty sight when a 400$ machine breaks...personally I feel the 360 is only worth 300 at most and the PS3 is worth 400 at most I wont spend more on them until Publishers and Devs start ringing back the quality that made the 16bit/32bit era of gaming unforgettable...
Posted: Aug 4 2010, 05:02 AM
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I just upgraded my old Elite for the XBOX 360-S, Personally i think its worth it just for the quietness of it

really pleased with it
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